Let’s Get Healthy…C’mon…

Well, a first today….I signed up for a webinar by Maria Emmerich.  I have followed her blogs and Pinterest and see really amazing recipes and results.  I have gotta wake up my metabolism.  I’m spending a small fortune on supplements, I am TRYING to eat right and exercise.  I have to complete the triangle with this next move…All the best as we grow in heart, mind, and body…


Shin Splints HURT!

Ok, just re-starting my exercise routine.  Pretty proud of myself this week.  Diet not so bad. Staying pretty focused. There is a new treadmill with games at the gym.  I hopped on did a 15 minute mile pace with a reasonable incline and the shins are killing me.  Not to mention, I torch more calories on the elliptical. Went back to the elliptical yesterday.  Nice pace.  I will have to work back up to my 11 resistance.  Knees are achy too.  I’m sure its some kind of i-tis.  This age thing is no fun.  Only the wisdom that comes from it.

Monday, January 7

Didn’t remain focused at all.  Back on track now and hoping to stay focused.  Will maintain low carb, no sugar lifestyle.  Getting hair done in another protective style so I can begin to workout hard.  Here we go….