Ready, Set, Go 2016!

Started 72 day re-set….this is not only to lose some weight, but to RESET my thinking and behaviors. I’ve been writing/THINKING about it for too long.  Time to COMMIT to do something about it.  Time to change the way I THINK.  My weight is way above when I first started writing.  My goal is no longer numbers but DAYS!  Each DAY, I must put forth effort and THINK about what goes in my mouth and how active I am. I have photos and actual numbers I WILL REMAIN COMMITTED.

Looking back on previous posts, I WAS so encouraging. In 2012, I was contemplating going gray, not ready yet.  Today, I have embraced my salt/pepper. In 2013, I was struggling with bad habits, but much more active.  That is how I know it’s my THINKING.  I am so glad, I kept these…I see my struggle, but I also see I haven’t GIVEN UP.  So, onward, GROWING HEARTMINDBODY!



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